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We understand what it's like to need your medicine and not want to smoke it. Check out our delicious line of local Washington Drinks!

With 15 years local Seattle experience growing and selecting high THC Cannabis buds we always offer the best quality to our patients + tons of freebies!

Whether it's a small or large dose of weed you prefer we offer a wide variety of Seattle Local marijuana edibles.




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 We have over 15 years of local experience growing, cultivating and processing Seattle Marijuana, so we've seen it all. We've seen it all and we stick to big juicy Premium nugs, dense in THC crystals and high CBD rest assured we only select the finest quality for our patients and we've got your needs covered! We can help you out with recommendation or you can browse around to find the most complex aroma of sense tingling awesomeness. Our connoisseur's are more than happy to answer any of your questions along the way and we love to hook you up with everything you need! Tasty treats made with high quality local Seattle marijuana, we stock cannabis products with healthy natural and organic ingredients from companies including Evergreen Herbal, Captain Cosmics, Topshelf Herb Company the THC Company and many more. We strongly recommend ingesting your medicine to increase the number of benefits you experience and limit any negative health impacts associated with smoking. We know what it's like to have to deal with not wanting to smoke to get your medicine, so don't worry we've got all your needs covered. Try our outstanding line of local Seattle cannabis beverages Washington cronic tonic and cronic aid, Evergreen Herbal cannabis quencher or the One Two with lots of therapeutic flavors. It is great to see other states in America that are realizing how marijuana is seriously beneficial for people’s satisfaction, business growth, and opportunities!  We are excited to offer Seattle medical Marijuana Delivery of the best cannabis products available Green Life Organics stocks all of the cannabis cup winners for your enjoyment and pain relief. If there is a product that we don’t carry and you would like to see please email us and let us know so we can order it for you!